Landscape Gestures

Entire showing of The burned Fingers series of 1,000 

The Burned Fingers series of 1,000 is a 5 year project starting in 1997 and ending in 2002. A single piece consisting of one thousand pieces; a mosaic, it is a self portrait over time. The universal subject of hands and fingers has many meanings and symbolism. We use our hands in every aspect of life. to greet one another, make gestures, make love with, commit violence with. The sense of touch is one of our most personal of senses and expresses emotions and communication. 

A full range of emotions and issues emerge throughout the series from: pain, relationships, sex, societies expectations, alienation, self worth, to a search for enlightenment. Hence the use of fire by a blowtorch. Fire as ritual healing and death, or as a metaphor to being burned. 

What is sought after in life? Ideally one can gain wisdom, and happiness 

installation images

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