What Not to Say at the Dinner Table


This project is derived from the book of revelations; the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the traditional taboo subjects to bring up in a conversation at a dinner table.

The irony being does anyone actually sit down at a dinner table, much less actually converse with each other.

99% of the video and information shown here, was researched and obtained by using the internet.

This information however is increasingly controlled bought and filtered to the masses.

Without intervention of ones free will to see various viewpoints from sources other than corporate owned media, will further lead to history repeating but for how much longer

installation images

Interaction instructions:

Text sheets mounted on walls of the gallery:

are read left to right, top to bottom please feel free to use the highlighters to ‘highlight’ passages of interest to you

Text Wall PDF's

1. Conquest/Politics

2. War/Religion

3. Famine/Money

4. Death/Sex

The Four Doors:

on the inside of the doors (non-projected side) feel free to answer any or all of the following:

A) what you remember growing up that was not to be said at the dinner table...

B) what you think should not be said at the dinner table...

C) what you would like to say at the dinner table...

(all videos have no sound)

Warning Graphic Content

1. Conquest/ Politics 5:06

2. War / Religion 5:27

Dinner Talk 4:22
Images and text were obtained from an open call 

3. Famine / Money 4:55

4. Death / Sex 4:55

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