I approach video much like collage, text as a narrative that often doesn't at first notice play out. 

There are complex connections between the text and visuals creating a rhythmic barrage of serious and humorous view of events

COVIDIOTS Duration 03:05 . 2020

Music video I made for a friends song about the current worldly situation with the Covid-19 virus.

Its a drone world Duration 54:54 . 2018

We believe that we have free will, yet we adhere to ancient traditions, we fall into routines - daily commute to work, we compare each other on social media, we live in small bubbles - shielding ourselves from different ways of living.

We are manipulated through advertising - to farm us from our money, we are seduced by money. We live ultimately for money.

For the brief time that ‘intelligent life’ has existed in the known universe, humanity has concocted a way of life that is a distraction from life. Why do we exist - are you aware of your existence - of your footprint on earth? Do you blindly adhere to what society expects of you without question? Are we just a means for others to get ahead at another's expense. And where are we heading, and who is deciding that direction. If life is a ‘miracle’ (which is hard to believe with the population closing in on 8 billion) then why do we divide, hate, torture, dominate, ridicule, bully, rape and kill life?

Will we evolve as a species and create nirvana, or march into extinction as we stare soullessly into our smartphones?

Rise Above: Duration 03:18. 2017

Issues we as humans need to realize exists and to rise above and be better humans

Us - Them 4 Duration 08:40. 2012

Video series, that compares two contrasting world events occurring at the same time.

Us - Them 2 Duration 03:26. 2010

Two dramatic yet contrasting world events, that took place on July 2010.

On the left side the riot after the Los Angeles Lakers won the world basketball championship. On the right side, activists protesting against the G-20 global economic summit held in Toronto, Canada.

The events of conflicting importance, of note is what does it take for people to act in mass. In this case it is sports entertainment versus global economic domination. 

Be Macho, Man Duration 04:45. 2010

Using vintage and modern footage, to weave a humorous narrative on being a man. 

Us - Them Duration 03:33. 2009

Split screen video response of two contrasting simultaneous events, that took place on June 14th 2009

My Greatest Fear Duration 54:00. 2008

Audio collaboration with Jerry Lloyd

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