Video : (Reinterpreting Mass Media)

I approach video much like collage, text as a narrative that often doesn't at first notice play out.
There are complex connections between the text and visuals creating a rhythmic barrage of serious and humorous view of events

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Home Sweet Home
Neon, video
video durations Left 4:49, Right 5:10

The sentiment ‘Home Sweet Home’ conjures visions of the saying done in cross-stitch artwork hanging on the wall. Home ownership is a measure of ones success, pride, and security. That sweet dream is now more difficult to achieve than ever, and a dream that many may never obtain, and a dream that has been taken away.


Video series, that compares two contrasting world events occurring at the same time.


© Stephen Anderson 2012


Talking Heads
2012 Presidential Candidate Announcements


© Stephen Anderson 2012


You Are Not Your Commute
Video component, to a 3D assemblage piece.
A nudge to 'stop and smell the roses'


© Stephen Anderson 2012


10 Suggestions
A synched video, broken concrete installation, 2011. "After the post rapture(s), and given the current state of the world with all its complexities and distractions, I give to thee these 10 suggestions. (Because who likes to be 'commanded' anyways.)"


© Stephen Anderson 2011


Shine On
Collage of layers contrasting fantasy vs reality


© Stephen Anderson 2011


The Price
Humans ever insatiable desire to consume, and at what 'price'


© Stephen Anderson 2011


US - THEM 2, 2010
Two world events, that took place on July 2010


Two dramatic yet contrasting world events,
that took place on July 2010.

On the left side the riot after the Los Angeles Lakers won
the world basketball championship

On the right side, activists protesting against the G-20 global
economic summit held in Toronto, Canada

The events of conflicting importance, of note is what does it
take for people to act in mass. In this case it is sports entertainment
versus global economic domination.


Be Macho, Man
Using vintage and modern footage, to weave a humorous narrative on being a man.


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Men That Wear Robes
There are certain types of men that can get away with wearing robes in public.



US - THEM, 2009
Split screen video response of two contrasting simultaneous events,
that took place on June 14th 2009.


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My Greatest Fear:
54 minutes audio synched with video, kinetic rocking chair, 2008
Included in the installation: Amusings Hauntings, Wantings


What Not to Say at the Dinner Table
(The Four Doors to the Apocalypse), 2006


Origins of Influence: Collaborative installation, 2006

video component:


What A Bunch of Jerks, 2005
A review of an art show titled "Demise of Democracy?" was in a local newspaper. What follows is a message left on the galleries answering machine



All I Want Is to Be A Happy Man:
interactive installation, 2005

video components:

A poetic look at the ideals of America contrasted
by the harsh reality and abuse of those ideals.

American Alter
*some images may be too graphic for sensitive viewers


00:25:36 (10 minute excerpt shown here)



Installation: video, fiber optic wire & lights, prescription bottles.

Through personal observations, a diagnoses of the world and myself is revealed.


Micro 00:03:50
Shown on monitor:
Personal events that can attribute to depression.


Macro 00:05:21
Projected on the ceiling:
World events that can cause depression


Change The World, 2005

00:11:58 [All Images, Content © 2018 stephen anderson