UIUX Case Study

Develop an app to solve a need

Role: UX, UI Design • UIUX class design project


“Why is it so difficult to recycle in the United States?”

Americans recycle less compared to other countries.

After some quick secondary research two clear roadblocks emerged. 

  • There is no federal foundation in the U.S. around recycling.
    Most international countries have a national program.
  • We lack state or local funding to recycle.

Problem Statement:
How might we consolidate all the information out there and make it easy,
simple and accessible for residents in the city of Santa Ana, CA. 


Caret Right


I worked together to develop ideas using different ideation methods. Our collective goal was to create a platform for centralizing information and resources. 

We started off with a timed brainstorming session, and  gathered all ideas into a miro board 

We came up with as many ways as we could think of to showcase and create our information hub

We did some competitive analysis and looked at different recycling websites and apps to see if there were any design patterns to follow. This analysis helped us with our own design choices.

Empathy map


Affinity map

Caret Right


Based on my interviews and surveys I developed a persona of someone who actively recycles.

Visual Identity

Caret Right

Style Tile:

I created the style guide based on our research.
Logo done in illustrator, style guide using figma.

Caret Right


Diving into learning figma, here are several components I created for my prototype.

Caret Right

Usability Testing:

My user testing showed that people liked that it was easy to find what can and can't be placed in your curbside pickup. Only issue was that not everything (like the search bar) was interactive at this stage.

The next step will be to add more functionality  and information along with a style guide to help the user obtain their recycling goals.

Wireframes I created


Brand logo I created

High definition screens I created


What I Learned:

Having an idea to a solution needs research and testing to support or show flaws and possible new directions to pursue. What may sound like a good idea personally may not be best idea for the user. Being open to pivot based on feedback is important.