All I Want is to be a Happy Man :

Multimedia Interactive Installation
Video, interactive installation, mobile, 3d collage, pendullum, custom post-it-notes

Incorporating video, interactive installation and 3D collage, Stephen explores what is supposed to make one happy.
Sarcastic, introspective, disturbing, an uncensored look at society and the state of the world.
He invites one to write (provided questions on post-it-notes) what makes them; happy, angry, fearful,
and what one wishes for, and ‘post’ their comments directly onto the installation.

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    American Alter: Video installation, custom post-it-notes
  Commute Commute
install: Commute & Grow Up Grow Up: mobile  
  Roles: two dice Looking at video for American Alter
Interaction aspect of American Alter Viewers answers, on custom post-it-notes  


Stickers Available: Were made available at the closing reception: Restocked randomly


video components:

A poetic look at the ideals of America contrasted
by the harsh reality and abuse of those ideals.

American Alter
*some images may be too graphic for sensitive viewers


Smile 00:25:36 (10 minute excerpt shown here)


Post-it-notes: Questions:

How are you?
What makes you angry?
What makes you happy?
What do you wish For?
What are you afraid of?






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