Father Material : (Reinterpreting Mass Media)

Utilizing video, tee-shirts, mens ties, and ‘pop-up’ collage, Stephen Anderson’s take on “Father Material” is cynical, judgmental and humorous.

Just watch “Cops” or “Jerry Springer” or the slew of reality TV shows to note that mankind is doomed.

Becoming a father in the literal sense is far too easy, add to it modern fertility drugs and the flood of “erection” pills it’s quite ironic to call it the “miracle” of birth.

With the amount of child abuse and kids put up for adoption, living in foster homes or engaged in slavery it’s crazy that people need a license to drive but anyone with a penis can become a father.

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Stephen Anderson
Vowes (Love, Honor, Obey)
Bowling Trophies, used books

Vowes (Love, Honor, Obey)

The marriage vowes disected by the titles of used books stacked below a trophy


Stephen Anderson
Digital print on tee-shirts
24 tee shirts



Posing the question of using one word to describe a positive and negative trait when one thinks of ‘father’ Stephen surveyed friends and family for the one word answers.

These words were then designed by Stephen to convey the words feeling. Then digitally printed onto tee shirts.

The result is to expose or ‘label’ the wearer with what is often hidden or unknown qualities of an individual.


Stephen Anderson
Be Macho, Man
Duration - 4:45 minutes

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Be Macho, Man

Using vintage and modern footage, to weave a humorous narrative on being a man.

Men That Wear Robes
There are certain types of men that can get away with wearing robes in public.


Stephen Anderson
Heat Transfer on men's ties
18 ties


Mug shots of celebrity fathers, heat-transferred on men's ties.

Breaking down the image of the idealized looked-up-to celebrity, on a item associated with domestication and authority.

Bernie Madoff
Larry King
David Bowie
Nick Nolte
Kobe Bryant
Kid Rock
Charlie Sheen
Frank Sinatra
Michael Jackson

Grand Larceny
Pot Possession
Felony Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Child Molestation

Van Winkle
OJ Simpson
Mel Gipson
Andy Dick
Phil Spector
Larry Craig
Denis Rodman
George Carlin
Joey Buttafuoco
Domestic Battery
Drugs and Sexual Battery
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Public Indecency
Statutory Rape


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