DRONE : (Reinterpreting Mass Media)


January 3 - 26, 2019

Opening Reception January 5th. 6-10pm

Drone Circle music event January 26th. 8pm

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

During the DRONE An art exhibition by Kebe Fox & Stephen Anderson, come take part in an epic musical drone event.

We are inviting acts that we know that fit, but this is open to all that want to take part in the DRONE. The idea is like a drum circle but without the drums. All participants will sit in the round and improvise together to create a rich atmosphere of electronic/analog drone music and come and go as you please, and respect the art, gallery, and other participants.

Facebook event page:


Kebe Fox, Stephen Anderson

A blind, uncritical follower of an ideology or belief.

One who does tedious, menial work or appears to lack emotion, concern or enthusiasm.

An individual who contributes nothing and lives off the labors of others.

A pilotless, remotely controlled aircraft utilized as a weapon, for surveillance, transporting or recreational use.

A sustained, monotonous sound, hum or buzz.


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Life Cycles, 18 working clockes on wood with image transfer. 2018



4 Drones to the Apocalypse (Work Confrom Obey Die), Neon, 2018





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